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Abnormal load permits for exceptional transport

In a number of European countries, exceptional transport requires a special permit. The type of abnormal load permit varies depending on the region, however. What type of permit you need is determined by the frequency with which you need to transport objects with unusual dimensions. If you plan to do so often, you can apply for a long-term permit offered by various countries in Europe, remaining valid for one year or more. Such abnormal road permits grant you access to a wide network of roads, perhaps even the full national road network. Still, within one country various types of permits exist, which can vary in line with the dimensions of your transport, or the itinerary you are planning to travel.

Apply for abnormal load permits with expert assistance

Organizing exceptional transports is made complicated by the many types of abnormal load permits. This is without even considering the necessary paperwork and other administrative tasks required to apply for one. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Instead rely on the experts from E.T.E. They will make sure you receive your abnormal load permits in no time at all. They accomplish this through their vast network of local partners throughout the entire European subcontinent. Furthermore, they can rely on years of experience with these administrative matters. The only thing you have to do is fill out the permit application form on their website. They will do the rest!

Pilot cars and abnormal load permits as you require them

Countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany require one or more pilot cars for exceptional transport in addition to abnormal load permits. Whether a pilot cars is actually required depends on the country you’re driving in, the dimensions of your load, and the requirements of local authorities. On occasion transports also require route surveys to prevent accidents in advance. Organize all of this is made significantly easier with E.T.E’s local agents and contacts. Do not wait – reach out to them today to make sure your abnormal load permits are in order.

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