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Benefits of Escape Hour Calgary Edmonton

Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton is a series of live escape room games, where teams work together to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the room within the hour.

The game begins with a briefing, after which players enter the room with no communication or outside assistance, and have an hour to complete their mission. The games are challenging and require teamwork; they offer an opportunity for team members to learn more about each other while solving puzzles on their way out of the room.

Benefits of Escape Hour Calgary Edmonton

1. It provides a social experience for players of all ages

This is a team building activity suitable for a wide range of ages, interests, and levels of physical ability.

2. It is a unique experience that challenges your mind while developing your team-building skills

3. It can be folded into so many different types of events, it’s almost endless!

Whether you need a group event that supports a cause, an away game for team building or a family friendly game night, the possibilities are endless! The games are flexible enough to work in whatever location you can find and the length of time will make up for short notice if needed. Escape Hour Calgary Edmonton is also available to rent out for special events/weddings/parties/classes as well! You can host or attend one at your favourite entertainment venue or corporate hospitality area.

4. It’s fun for everyone, no matter your age or ability

Whether you’re a fast learner or have limited physical capabilities, we’ve got a game to fit your style. We can tailor an escape room to suit the number of players and the length of the game. Escape Hour Games are also available for corporate events, birthday parties and more!

5. Your event can benefit by supporting local charities

If your group would like to support a local charity, they can pick any one they like and we’ll donate 10% of that game’s proceeds directly to the organization, while saving you time and money. Contact us for more details.

6. Unique games

The Escape Room Games are all completely unique, so your team will never encounter the same game twice! We offer 6 different size games, that can range from opening hours of just an hour to the full two-hour experience. The games can be modified to fit any budget and we also offer custom design options as part of our services.

7. We have a team of game designers ready to help you!

Let us introduce you to our game designers, who have worked on creating the games you’ll experience; they will be available to answer your questions and help you understand all of the games! This can include answering any questions that come up during a game. In addition, if you would prefer our designers do not participate in the games and instead watch from a separate room and provide suggestions or explanations, we can accommodate that too.

Benefits of Escape Hour Calgary Edmonton