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Better coaching results with a coaching headset

With coaching headsets it becomes a lot easier to help young and talented referees and athletes on their way. While they do their job, they get assisted by an experienced and knowledgeable referee that will help them make the right decisions. With the headsets this is done invisibly, so there is nobody close needed, and the referee will take a wise lesson from this experience.

Of course this is also very useful during training courses for referees. As they also need to run long distances to keep up with the game and they have to make decisions in a split second, wireless communication is definitely a must have in any type of sport for a referee.

Benefits for starting referees

  • They get tips, via the wireless headset, about their agreed development points.
  • Faster learning curve; positioning, running lines, communication, behaviour etc.;
  • Fast and effective evaluation with the observer;



    Condition for working with headsets as a referee

    An often-heard condition for working with headsets is that referees need to master the basics of refereeing, like:

  • Knowing the rules of the game;
  • How to communicate with colleagues and game participants;
  • Experiences in refereeing during games without headsets.

Benefits for the referee coach

  • Give feedback directly to the referee in the field, via the coaching headset. Coaching with a headset isn’t limited to halftime, before or after the game;
  • The referee coach can’t only see how the referees reacting to different game situations, but he can also hear the conversations between the referee(s) and players and other game partcipants;
  • Referees get more confident;
  • More focus on coaching because you are continously in contact.