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Common Exhibition Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but we learn and we move on. As for us working in the event industry, we’ve seen the mistakes that have been made at an exhibition and have been able to learn and pass on the skills to others who are attending.

Mistakes are made all the time, but the less costly the better and the more we can do to stop them the better. Exhibitions come loaded with stress and the pressure to make sure the day goes to plan, but as is life, this is never a guarantee.

Over the years we’ve seen a pattern, and noticed that similar mistakes are made no matter the industry or business so to make it easy for you we’ve compiled a list of some common mistakes that are made at an exhibition.

Staff Training

Staff training can never be OTT. The more the employees know and understand the business the better the product/service can be explained to a potential customer. Each member needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the products, how they differ and how your business can support the customer.

It’s a no brainer that the customer experience will be enhanced when faced with a confident member of staff who understands the business to the core.

Have you chosen the right event?

Not all events will be right for you and the customers that you need. So, researching the available events and also looking into the other stand attendees will ensure you’re putting your marketing budget to good use.

Exhibitions are an investment and cost money, so as a business you’ll need to make sure you can make a return on the funds. In order to do so, getting in front of the right people is imperative.

Using Social Media

Various social media platforms can be signed up to for free, so it makes sense to use the platforms that can reach hundreds if not thousands of people. Don’t stay quiet, utilise social media to promote your presence and engage with your followers.

Not only is this a modern way to interact but ensures you maximise the avenues to boost the footfall at your event through free advertising.

Clear graphics

Designing the right graphics brings a great deal of responsibility. The image needs to be clear as does the text and any logo’s. Clarity is required when it comes to text, and not just from how it reads. The fonts are equally as important, so making them large enough to read and staying away from fancy lettering will benefit your display.

Keep it bold, creative and simple and you’ll be onto a winner.