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Customized grab cranes to handle any volume and material

Are you preparing for a job or project and looking to invest in high quality grab cranes? Do you want to make sure you choose the best partner when starting the design process of such a crane? PLM Cranes has over 50 years of experience in operating, manufacturing and designing grab, hoist, marine and drop ball cranes. They build every machine from scratch and customize them where required to fit your specific needs. They make sure you receive a top of the line crane for the corresponding application and duty cycles. With PLM Cranes, you choose quality and trustworthiness. They will deliver exactly what you expect, and more!

What is it you need from your grab cranes?

PLM Cranes thoroughly discusses your needs before starting the design of any new grab cranes. Take, for instance, the different drive options. You have the option to choose between a diesel-hydraulic, an electric-hydraulic, a diesel-electric and a fully electric crane. Every single one of these options has their own advantages and the people at PLM Cranes are more than happy to assist you in finding the right one. But it does not end there. Are you going for a 2-rope or 4-rope crane? All grab cranes delivered by PLM Cranes are of high quality and fitted exactly to your needs.

Grab your chance and choose the best quality

PLM Cranes can deliver exactly what you need. So, there is no need to wait! With their extensive experience, they will deliver exactly what you expect and more. Even when it comes to maintenance and repair of your grab cranes, they will serve you swiftly and effectively. Make sure to get in touch with them about your wants and needs. Let them build your crane according to the best possible design, and with the best materials and components for the job ahead.