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Discover the new and efficient railway track construction process

The traditional construction process for laying a railway track, is both cost- and time-consuming. That is why the Belgian Stabirail, a pioneer in its industry, has devised a new method. It has come up with an improved method for anchoring railway tracks. With this new railway track construction process, rails can be assembled directly on the concrete bed. That is why this new method is also known as the ballastless tracks method.

How to lay ballastless tracks?

The entire process for ballastless railway track construction is carried out by a slab track laying train. This consist of three separate machines used consecutively. The firsts step in laying ballastless tracks is the concrete milling machine. The 3D system operated concrete milling machine mills the complete concrete block in one go. This is a continuous process, carried out with millimeter accuracy. The milling machines diamond can operate completely autonomously and is followed by the drilling train. This train drills the necessary holes in the concrete bed, used for anchoring the ballastless tracks later on. Finally, the anchoring train passes to finish the railway track construction process.

The advantages of ballastless tracks

This new railway track construction process offers many benefits. For one, the whole process requires less time, leading to faster construction. Also, because the slab track laying train uses water-cooled diamond drills, no dust forms during the laying and vibrations are kept to a minimum. The machines also offers greater accuracy compared to traditional methods, up to 2mm. Thanks to the stability of the track bed, higher running speeds are possible. Moreover, the new railway track construction process saves you a lot maintenance costs. Very little to no maintenance is needed for over 25 years with ballastless tracks, which have a design life of at least 60 years.

Find out more on the website

Do you wish to know more about this pioneering method for laying railway tracks? In that case, be sure to visit the Stabirail website. Here you can find more about the entire process and the many advantages it offers. References of completed projects with ballastless tracks, such as the tracks in Antwerp’s famous Central Station, can also be found there.

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