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FIFA 21: What’s New This Week?

Electronic Arts has been busy these last days, with the release of the next-gen versions of its flagship sports games, Madden NFL 21 and of course FIFA 21. In the current of the last week, the two games had major updates that changed core elements of the gameplay and some of the game modes. FIFA 21’s update concerned the current generation of the game but there was other news around the title this week, let us review the most important ones.

Let us start this article with a big announcement for FIFA Ultimate Team. Season 2 of FUT 21 will start on November 20, marking the end of season 1, which lasted almost two months. The new FUT challenges and objectives will start on the same date. Coincidentally, Icon Swaps 1 had been announced for early December, which leads some of the fans to speculate about a possible link with season 2 of FUT. The icon swap cards will probably work the same way as they did in FIFA 20. You will earn them by completing squad building challenges, daily challenges, and long-standing objectives.

Season 2 of FUT will also come with three level 30 storyline players. We do not know yet who these players will be this season. During season 1 the players that appeared on the swap cards were Juan Bernat from the French Ligue 1 and Marcel Sabitzer from the German Bundesliga. Members of the community are trying to predict the three players that will appear on the list for season 2. Either way, we will surely have confirmation in the next days.

Still concerning FUT, here are some predictions for the next Team of the Week. Last week, most of the world’s leagues were on pause, with the players rejoining their national teams for international matches. Some of those players illustrated themselves by contributing greatly to their team’s victory. Some of the most likely contenders are GeorginioWijnaldum and SadioMané from Liverpool FC, N’GoloKanté and Timo Werner from Chelsea, and RiyadMahrez from Manchester City.

FIFA 21 news mostly concerned FUT this week. In the following days, we will probably learn more about the next-gen version of the game and the changes it will bring to the overall experience. FUTeamGo offers you FIFA 21 coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)