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For top-loading cargo, choose a Meeberg open top container

A Meeberg open top container is perfectly suited to cargo that must be top-loaded for transport. This company offers a great many open top containers, both for rental and sale purposes. This company also offers refurbishment and rebuilding services, restoring used containers to provide your company with affordable custom-made solutions. Open top rebuilt containers are the perfect answer if you want to transport larger cargo. Meeberg offers containers of standard height, as well as special High Cube containers, in lengths of 20 feet and 40 feet. High Cube containers are taller (2,55 meters) than a regular open top container model (2,25 meters), making it the premiere option for shipping outsize cargo. This company does all their open top container refurbishments in-house, allowing them to custom-build a container to exacting specifications. Reach out to Meeberg today to discover how custom-made logistic solutions can empower your business.

Meeberg has any tankcontainer you need

If your company is in the market for a tankcontainer, you’ll need to take a great number of factors into consideration; what medium will it transport, what level of capacity is required, and so on and so forth. The team of experts at Meeberg leverage generations of experience in tankcontainer production to guide you step by step towards purchasing one, tailor-made in your company livery and logo should you desire it. With an enormous variety of options on offer, Meeberg always makes sure you are provided with a clear technical drawing and technical specification sheet, so you are assured your tankcontainer meets your exact requirements.

A container company with a worldwide reputation for excellence

Meeberg has 35 years of experience in its field, and has remained family-owned to the current day. The company aims to be a worldwide service partner for all its clients. Meeberg has built a highly respected business portfolio over the years, grounded in reliability, flexibility, trust, expertise & commitment. The result of this commitment? A customer base in more than 70 countries, across 6 continents – and they’re hoping you and your company are next. Get in touch with them today and discover every possibility.