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Photobooth Sydney – Great Place Photo Booth Rental

A Photobooth Sydney experience promises an excellent photo booth experience for customers. This is among the newest additions to Sydney’s party scene. Photobooth Sydney was operating as an independent full-service photo booth hire business for over seven years. In that time it has grown to become one of the best photo booth rental companies in the country.


The photo booths are an exceptional way to promote your brand and image. The cost-effective service and the ability to offer a wide range of photo products allow you to provide something unique to your clients. With so many different brands of photo booths on the market, how do you find the very best deal? Most companies would prefer to rent from a reputable supplier who offers the best products and services.

That’s why we think that photobooth Sydney could offer you what you need at a price you can afford.


The photobooth Sydney operation offers four different kinds of photo booths: digital photo booths, fixed camera photo booths, LCD photo booths, and wireless photo booths. Each of these has its own set of features and capabilities, which we have put together to highlight here. Here is a quick rundown of each one:


Digital Photo Booths – The digital photo booths are one of the newest additions to the photo booth Sydney menu. They offer the same great service that the old photo booths provided but in a digital format. This allows you to send photos to any compatible printer and use the printer’s own photo paper, which means you get better quality images. These are also more affordable, with some going as low as $50 for a basic model. It is definitely worth looking at for a smaller business budget.


Fixed Camera Photo Booths – The fixed cameras at photobooth Sydney offer the same great service as the digital photo booths but at a lower cost. They still give great results and are comparable to the higher-priced models. You can opt for a more advanced setup with up to five different cameras for an even tighter focus on your customers. There are a couple of differences with this style though. You may not be able to use your own printer for this type of photo booth in Sydney so you would need to rent from a professional photo lab.


LCD Photo Booths – Probably the most popular option for a photo booth in Sydney is the LCD model. These are pretty similar to the previous versions but with an added LCD screen that gives a real-time display of your image. These can run in the same price range as the fixed camera models, but they allow you to do more with the information being fed in. This is another great feature to consider if this is a growing area of your business.


Tabletop Photo Booths – If you would rather not have a fully installed photo booth in Sydney there are tabletop versions available for rent. These tend to be less expensive than the others, but can still be quite pricey. The best part about these is that they are smaller versions of the bigger ones. You can still get the great service and attention you are used to forming a fully installed booth, but it may not be to fit the space you have available. For those who are tight on space, a tabletop booth might be the right choice for your event.


Overall, photobooth Sydney offers many different venues to accommodate your photo booth needs. It is important to consider your budget and what your space can afford before making your final decision. You also want to consider how large your crowd is going to be when deciding between the different venues. This would go a long way in determining the size of the booths you would want to rent. Whichever one you choose, you are sure to have a great place to display your photos at an affordable price.

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