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Surprise your pooch with a new donut dog toy

If you want to buy stylish and sustainable products for your dog, Approved by Fritz is the store for you. This woman-owned brand is based in and inspired by New York City. Their products, such as their colorful dog collar set and donut dog toy, are made from recycled or upcycled materials. These materials are high-quality, so they can withstand your energetic pooch, without burdening the environment. Their donut-shaped dog toy, for example, is made from upcycled denim while their collars and dog beds are made from recycled water bottles. Most important of all, their products are thoroughly tested by their quality-checker, Fritz the dog, so you can rest assured that your dog will enjoy these items.

This is focused on the modern day dog owner

The owners of this company understand that you want to keep your dog safe and comfortable, but that you also want to look great while doing so. That’s why the dog collar set they produce is of the highest quality and available in various fun colors. The colors of dog collar set were inspired by NYC and the colors of the subway lines. Do you want to give your pooch some entertainment at home? The donut dog toy in their collection is sure to provide hours of fun.

Order products that both you and your dog will love

Find their donut dog toy and other fun and stylish items, like their colorful dog collar set, on their website: All of their products are manufactured in their small studio in Queens, so you can rest assured that all workers were paid fairly for their work. On top of that, a small portion of your purchase will fund local non-profits that rescue dogs and offer them a safe space. This means you won’t just make your dog and yourself happy with your purchase, you will also help a dog in need.