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10 lakh business ideas

10 lakh business ideas


Video editor

Are you good with video editing? Then chances are you can easily market your skills to companies or individuals. One of the examples I can think of where everyone can benefit from your skills is the ‘compilation’ videos of a birthday or wedding.


The guests make a lot of videos and you can use your skills to make a nice compilation. People pay you for a nice video of a few minutes that they will watch all their lives. An honorable task and a good way to earn a living in a fun way.


What do you need?


The right software

A laptop

An eye for detail

Online coach

This is actually one of the broadest and easiest things to make a living at. You have to make a living at it, of course, but you do this in the area that you already know about anyway.


You can make videos about the subjects that you already master. For example, cooking, repairing a bicycle tire and so on. Lifestyles, marketing and entrepreneurship are also popular topics. Are you an expert in this area? Then there are plenty of people who will gladly pay you for your help and expertise.


What do you need?


Expertise in a particular field

Knowledge of recording tutorials

A passion for helping people get ahead


Following on from this is a career as a YouTuber. Are you not afraid to stand in front of a camera and do you understand or want to immerse yourself in subjects? Then you can literally make YouTube videos about anything.


There are people who earn millions on the Internet by making videos of a child opening a gift. Also with paint tutorials, makeup tutorials or a history lesson about a particular topic, there are numerous YouTube channels worldwide that earn large sums of money with this.


What do you need?


A long breath

The ability to edit videos

A smooth talk and good story

In this article we address the question: How much can you earn with YouTube?


Read all about the Cash Cow Academy, the course & ready example for making money with Youtube here.


Camera work

Do you have a good camera and do you like to film things? Then you can’t think of anything or people need you for this. Weddings, company outings or company videos. All things that require regular videos.


Specializing in this case comes in handy. Do you make the best videos within a certain niche? Then the people who need your services just know how to find you. Product videos, company introductions or whatever. Plenty of videos you can still make.


What do you need?


A good camera

An eye for detail


Cooking course

Are you good at cooking? Then you can teach this skill to others for money. Especially if you have a certain kitchen in order. I know that I once took a Thai cooking course from a real pro. A lot of fun and I still cook the dishes. It was well worth the money.


In this case, it doesn’t really matter what you do. A course in pancake baking, pies or good stew. All skills that people are willing to pay for if you can do this well.


What’s really nice about this business idea is that you can organize the events yourself. For example, every week on your Wednesday off if you still have a ‘normal’ job. Is it going well? Then you can expand this to a full-time business with multiple course times if you want.


What do you need?


A space kitchen

Delicious recipes

A smooth talk to make it a fun event


Virtual Assistant

Are you good at planning and are you very punctual? Then there are many people who could use your skills. Helping people fill in their calendars, reminding them of their appointments or filling up the website.


As a Virtual Assistant, you can provide digital support for all these tasks. You become the point of contact for someone else, as it were. You help with the filling of Excel sheets, adding images to the website and whatever else. A versatile job in which you can distinguish yourself by your reliability and promises. Moreover, you can do this work anywhere in the world, that’s the beauty of virtual.


What do you need?


Good planning skills

Knowledge of computers (Excel, Word, Diaries etc.)

Be punctual

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