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Considering An Office Make Over

Is it time for a freshen up, or is the office starting to look tired? Whatever the reason may be, stripping it back and breathing life back into the workplace from time to time is a task to get excited about.

Over time the workplace can become worn and dull. But starting completely from new can be a big task and one that could be costly and outside of budget. When looking to go ahead with a refurb or make over, start by making notes of areas that need the most attention and the options available to resolve and rejuvenate. This will provide a starting point and begins your make over to-do list.

To get you started we’ve put together a to-do list which is achievable and won’t break the bank.


Painting an office can be a big job, especially when the room is big, and has many surfaces. Transform a drab wall into a feature wall or just a lick of paint to brighten the space making it more inviting.

The benefit of painting the office space is that it cost very little to make the changes. Make sure to set aside a long weekend to ensure you have the time to paint, dry and put the office back together.

Move Around

Is the space being used to it’s maximum potential? If the answer is no, the layout can be changed quickly, and in most cases wouldn’t cost you a thing.

Reviewing the floor plan could highlight some errors in the current set up. By re-configuring the desks and seating, you may be able to optimise the floor space better, opening up the office to new possibilities.

Office Screens

Working out of a vast space is great if you have a large workforce, but it can be noisy and too open. With the use of acoustic office screens it’s possible to divide the large space into smaller areas suitable for each department.

The acoustic properties will go some way to reducing the noise and distractions and boosting productivity.

Meeting Rooms

Whilst making over an office, if privacy is lacking, place this point at the top of your list. All workplaces need privacy, whether that be for meetings, training or quiet working.

It doesn’t have to be a big pod, but big enough for 2/3 people. By creating a semi-permanent pod with screens, you’ll be able to move and re-configure in the future. Which makes a worth while investment for now and the future.