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Prepared for the cold months with heated gloves

As the days get colder, it’s that time of the year to bring out the gloves. Whether you’re cycling, walking, taking the dog out, or even heading out for some skiing or snowboarding, having good gloves is essential to keep your hands warm. There are many types and sizes available, but nowadays, electrically heated gloves are becoming increasingly popular. With many different variants available, you can find a suitable pair for any purpose.


New improved technology

Every year, electrically heated gloves are improved, making them last longer and heat more efficiently. There are also multiple types of batteries available. This way, you won’t have to suffer from cold hands during a long bike ride or walk. With an extra power bank, the batteries can also be recharged on the go. So if you take a short break for a sandwich or some coffee during your walk or ride, the batteries can be recharged.


Maximum heat coverage

Besides walking and cycling, heated gloves are also perfect for winter sports enthusiasts. The well-insulated and waterproof dual heating glove ensures the warmest hands. Thanks to the dual heating system, you can choose whether to heat the top or bottom of the hand or both sides simultaneously. The advantage of the dual heating system is that the heated gloves can be perfectly adjusted to always reach the ideal temperature. The top of the hand can be on the highest setting and the bottom on the lowest without any issue. One side can be on the medium setting while the other is off – no problem. You can keep adjusting until you reach the ideal temperature.


Raynaud’s syndrome

In addition to the sporty types, many people with Raynaud’s Syndrome also benefit from these gloves. Because blood circulation in the hand is often poor, people with Raynaud’s quickly get white fingers due to the cold. In severe cases, this can occur at temperatures just below 20 degrees Celsius. When wearing heated gloves, the symptoms disappear, allowing people to go outside on cold days without pain. Even indoors, there is a solution for those with severe symptoms. The heated inner glove is very thin but provides delightful warmth. It allows for full freedom of movement and warm hands.


Special heated gloves for motorcyclists

Recently, heated gloves specifically designed for motorcyclists have become available. These heated gloves come with carbon knuckle protection. If something goes wrong and you fall with the motorcycle, your hands will be well protected.


Alternatives for warm hands

BERTSCHAT® offers many different ways to keep your hands warm during cold periods. Besides heated gloves, there are several other products to ensure you don’t have to feel cold. Consider heated socks and insoles for your feet, sweaters, jackets, and body warmers for your body, and heated shirts and pants to wear under your clothing. There are even cooling products for summer. For more information, you can visit the website.