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Small business for housewife

Small business for housewife


Teacher in your language

Learning a new language is totally hip. As a teacher, you help people physically or digitally with their vocabulary and pronunciation. I know examples of people who call once a week with someone who would like to learn their native language. A good way to help people with a language you are proficient in.


There are many apps that do this, but perhaps the most fun is to get clients through channels. We live in a world where everyone is everywhere. By positioning yourself as the teacher in your native language you can fill many hours with great lessons.


What do you need?


To be good at language

To be patient

Be able to explain clearly


Do you have that hawk eye for detail and see every good photo opportunity before the rest? Then perhaps your own photography business is something for you. You can start it as a side job, for example at a friend’s birthday or wedding.


Are they happy with the photos? Then all the guests see them too and you immediately have a load of reveries. Specializing in a subject, as with making videos, is useful here. This way you become better in that area and can better sell yourself as an expert (at a higher rate, of course).


What do you need?


A good camera

An eye for the beautiful shots


Your own photography business

Selling on Amazon

Selling products on marketplaces like Amazon is on the rise. In fact, they are expected to gain a much larger share of the market than they do now. Are you an expert on selling on Amazon? Then you can make your move here.


Finding a good product and providing the right service is important. The trick to selling well on Amazon is the most important thing to be really successful. Are you this? Then you can make a lot of money. This Amazon selling course can help you with that.


What do you need?


A good product

Knowledge of marketing

Storage space for the products

Selling on

Exactly the same goes for This is one of the largest marketplaces in the Netherlands and extremely popular. Every day millions of people buy their products here. Do you know how to get your products to the top? Then no amount is too crazy. 


You can also do this alongside a job in the beginning. This way you still have the certainty of an income and you can work on your own business in the evenings. With the Bol Masterclass you will have the right knowledge.


What do you need?


A good product

Knowledge of marketing

Storage space for the products

Organizing trips

Have you been to every city or do you always come to the same area on vacation so you know all the ins and outs? Then perhaps organizing trips is for you. There are plenty of people who would like to go away for the weekend but don’t feel like arranging all the trips and accommodation.


Put together a cool package with a nice hotel, tasty restaurants and the must-see locations at a certain destination and you can undoubtedly find clients who are grateful for it.


Personally, I went to Krakow, Poland a few years ago. We did this through someone who lived there and so knew all the local spots. We were picked up from the airport by bus, taken to the hotel and taken away again on each trip. By arranging simple things like this and by taking care of people, you give them a nice vacation and you can earn a good living from this yourself.


What do you need?


To be able to plan well

Knowing what people visit a place for

Know the spots that nobody else knows

Starting a webshop

A webshop is a very accessible way to start a business in your spare time. You make sure you have some nice products in stock, make a webshop and the selling can start.


Of course you need the marketing knowledge for this and also the creation of a website you need to learn in the beginning. This trick, however, you quickly master and you can then use this to even set up multiple webshops if you want.


A web shop is on the air day and night. You just have to make sure that you get the packages to the post office on time and that you make enough profit to pay for the advertisements and purchases. The potential of this business idea is very big and therefore one of the most popular ways for people to start their own business. Getting started is what you do at Cloud86. 


What do you need?


A webshop (hosting, website)

A good product

Knowledge of online marketing



business management 


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