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WoW Classic: Guide To Overcome Challenging Dungeons

Dungeons are the most effective way to level up in WoW Classic, but it is also very difficult to prepare yourself and not lose repeatedly if you don’t choose the right dungeon to go to or do not equip yourself with the correct skills, so it is quite a complicated topic in general lines.

Besides, the dungeons are even more complicated because you cannot complete them by yourself, you will need a team with players with specific characteristics to not suffer so much against the enemies and have all the combat facets well covered.

Therefore, here we will leave you a quick guide to show you everything you need before venturing to complete a dungeon in WoW Classic, but not before telling you that you always have the option to buy WoW Classic gold to acquire the best skills and accessories without spending countless hours collecting gold.


Let’s get started.

The first thing to consider before going to a dungeon is your team. You must find five friends and form a group that has at least one tank and one healer, while the other three can be from the DPS classes.

Normally, the tank should be the most experienced player of all, serving as a guide to indicate when to retreat and when to advance, as well as keeping the pace of the fighting so that none of the team members die.

On the other hand, the healer has to be the most communicative person on the team and must always be attentive to teammates who need to recharge their health. In turn, the other members of the team must be very clear with the healer to avoid misunderstandings in the middle of combat


Select the correct difficulty.

You must analyze the capabilities of your team and understand what their level is, so you can select a dungeon that has the right difficulty level for everyone and that can be challenging but not impossible for all members of the team.

The most recommended thing to do is to choose a dungeon that at least one member of the team knows about and can guide their teammates, otherwise, it would be very difficult to emerge victorious from a territory that would be inhospitable for everyone.


Don’t forget the quests.

If you want to level up in World of Warcraft, you cannot forget to do all the quests of each dungeon that you try to complete, since these give a great amount of experience that will allow you to improve and be strong enough to overcome more complicated dungeons.

Hope this guide helps you.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)